Shaun T’s Fitness Program

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Shaun T pushes you, pulls you,  convinces and along, he cajoles, he exhorts and demands your best during his workouts. Occasionally, when you’re on all fours, forehead resting on the floor, sweat running into your eyes and breathing like your lungs are broken, he begs. Dig deeper, he says. Push harder. There is no letting up. Those thirty second water breaks are minutes of sanity in a desert of madness, a joke, and Shaun T’s the Pied Piper leading us all to our deaths as we leap and dance and fall and get up again to the sound of his voice. Assess your mind at the door if you are going to try this work out. It’s all about the T25 schedule.

Throw yourself into this maelstrom of heart work, cardio laps, football and basketball drills, calisthenics and plyometrics? The allure is clear: reaching a shredded, cut body, fat having drained from your anatomically revealed musculature, an aerobic engine possessing the horsepower of a Ferrari, energy levels that would qualify you for hyper effective medication. Sixty days of commitment and you too can be superman. What is not to adore?

However, pause, assess that ambition and take a peek at the name on the box. FOCUS T25. Shaun T himself is adamant about his work out is not for the amateur athletic enthusiast, nor even the weekend warrior that is hardened. You must be prepared if you are going to attempt this level of exercise. And, unfortunately, we’re not talking about a zen state of mental peace, where you’re prepared to go crazy while sweating and exercising. Your body needs to be prepared. Your joints, your hamstrings, particularly your knees. It is not enough to want it. You’ve got to have the ability to get through it.

I strove FOCUS T25. My knees got crunchy. My ankles were sore, and my muscles felt as if ball bearings that are lead had been added beneath my epidermis into their centers. What’s unusual is that I loved the work outs. Shaun T projects a strong presence in the room, and seeing his backup crew cavort and fight alongside you can’t fail to give a kick to you. I simply wasn’t physically prepared for it.

Does this mean nobody should attempt the FOCUS T25 of Shaun T? No. This program is designed for a specific group of folks, and those folks will exult inside.

Thus, before you throw yourself into the program, before you deliver yourself to the tender ministrations of Shaun T, ask yourself where the body’s at. Again, it is not simply an issue of mental training. Can your body take this degree of intensity? Can your body work out six days a week a maximal degrees? While the work outs aren’t at High Intensity Interval Training levels (HIIT), they are unquestionably at Brink Training degrees, where you are pushing yourself as hard as you can while still attempting to stay on your feet for the 25 minute duration of the workouts. If not? Do what I did, and back away slowly, hands lifted, making conciliatory noises

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